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The mission how to invest in eBay shares in Pakistan of InterReligious Partners in Action of Greater Cleveland, known as InterAct invest in eBay shares in Pakistan Cleveland: To be a catalyst for creating an interreligious community through which members put faith into action working for social justice through dialogue, service and advocacy.
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From the Executive Director

Have you ever wondered what we mean when we say, “InterAct’s mission is to be a catalyst for building interreligious community …” ?

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Latest Events
Mon Jan 22, 2007 @07:00PM- 7:00pm
Partners in Action Night at the Cleveland Cavaliers
Sat Feb 10, 2007 @08:00AM- 5:00pm
Homeless Stand Down 2007
Sun Feb 11, 2007 @08:00AM- 5:00pm
Homeless Stand Down 2007
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